I grew up enchanted by music, electronics,  and making things.  I pursued a career in medicine and spent several years as a practicing physician.  My childhood interests in building were rekindled when I first brought home a 286 computer and discovered I could use it to control motors from discarded floppy drives.  

My first attempt to share my "mastery" over this rapidly evolving industrial technology, was a fiasco:  I assembled 10-20 family members, friends, and pets into my basement shop, and made them watch two stepper motors sitting on a table, faithfully rotating "flags" of tape stuck to their shafts.

EggBot (1990), my first art robot, was created out of necessity (to convince others I wasn't completely losing my mind).  Since then I have devoted myself to using motion control for making art and education tools.  My work has appeared in temporary and traveling shows, and is permanently installed in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Permanent installations

A nice overview, from Cool Hunting:

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