Kickstarter launches this Saturday, Sept. 24 at noon (CDT)

I thought I would be updating more frequently, but it's been a very busy summer getting ready for the launch. And some of our thoughts on how this release should best be approached, have evolved since the last post. As it became clear that certain decisions were still in flux, we thought it would be better to wait until we'd made up our minds :).

The hard part is that we have two key goals that are in conflict:

  • To produce an extremely high quality art instrument that is beautiful, silent, and runs forever

  • To get this instrument into as many homes, minds, hands, hearts as possible

The problem is cost. Since this is our first time launching a Kickstarter campaign, the closer it gets, the more we realize there are many variables and that no matter how hard we try to estimate and predict costs of productions and fulfillment, we will surely get some of them wrong. A little over a year ago, our main focus was on perfecting a small version that could sit on a table or desktop. Once this version began to take shape, we started experimented with putting larger versions into glass-covered tables, and were enchanted by the result. We have lived with these prototypes running 24/7 in our homes, and fallen in love with them – all sizes. But producing the least expensive, small desktop version (without sacrificing quality), is quite different than creating unique, custom designed furniture. We have decided to wait on release of the desktop version. We are not abandoning it, but it will happen sometime after this first Kickstarter, and we have learned more about how to do this.

So, what ARE we going to launch? Three glass-topped tables – an end table (~24” diameter) and two coffee tables (one ~36” diameter, one ~48”). The end table and smaller coffee tables share the same style of furniture – a very clean and simple steel, with a choice of wood veneers for the sides and top ring (light shield). The larger coffee table will be fabricated using advanced CNC techniques to produce a truly modern and stunning piece of hardwood furniture.

We're still going over spreadsheets and trying to figure out what we left out, so we won't have certain pricing until the launch, but we will have “early bird” specials for early backers.

If your are near the NYC area, we will definitely be at the World Maker Faire in Queens, Oct. 1-2, and will be prominently featured. Please stop by and see our offerings up close!