life after a Kickstarter campaign goes through the roof

I see my last post was over three months ago, and was about our impending KS launch.  It ended up being quite a wild ride!  We had set our goal for $50K, and were expecting to get backing for about a hundred Sisyphus tables. We ended up meeting that goal in the first 24 hours, and ended up with almost 2000 backers (~1500 for tables) and raised $1.9M (highest KS funding in Art category, at the time of this post). Needless to say, life has not been the same!  Bev, Micah and I are now consumed with pulling together all the things needed to make all these tables and get them to our backers.  I will continue to update this site (TAOMC) for all things related to my art which are NOT Sisyphus related, but will be blogging, updating, documenting the continuation of our KS experience, and future Sisyphus projects on our new company's site: